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High Rise Concrete Pumping
Project Spotlight

Having Australia’s most comprehensive fleet of separate placing booms and high pressure stationary pumps, Meales is able to supply a boom/pump combination to suit any high rise application. 

We offer the four largest separate placing booms in Australia, two being Schwing DVMK50s, a 50m free-standing and climbing separate placing boom.  The DVMK50s are the largest separate placing booms in the World.

Our skilled team will review your project’s needs and tailor a suitable comprehensive solution for the efficient and timely delivery of your concrete pumping works.

Subject to appropriate conditions, we also offer the following services:

  • Dry Hire - hire of equipment only;
  • Labour Hire - hire of experienced and highly-trained placing boom and mobile boom operators;
  • Management and supervision of concrete pumping works;
  • Installation and dismantlement of concrete pumping equipment;
  • Technical and risk management support.

We would be pleased to discuss these in detail upon request.


High Rise FAQ's

What Pump and Boom/s will I need on my High Rise Building?

The equipment required to service your project will be dependent on a range of factors, ie:

  • the height concrete needs to be pumped;
  • whether the pump will be located indoors or outdoors – ie, electric or diesel pump required;
  • how many pours will be required;
  • whether multiple boom/pump/pipeline setups are required;
  • how the boom will be mounted – ie jump form, self-supporting crane tower or self-climbing tubes;

Our qualified personnel will review your project’s needs and assess your site’s conditions to determine the most appropriate equipment for your job. 

What are the rates? 
Rates are determined with reference to the particular circumstances of your job.  Some items for consideration include;

  • the size of equipment required;
  • how many visits will be required and expected completion date;
  • whether multiple boom/pump/pipeline setups are required;
  • total cubic metres to be poured;
  • whether weekend work or night work will be required;

After assessing your project’s needs, our experienced Team will provide a quote for your consideration. 

What is a Separate placing boom? 
A Separate Placing Boom is a boom that stands alone and can be attached, detached or mounted on trucks, towers, or cross frames.  The boom has a series of swivelling bends allowing the boom to unfold or extend thereby enabling the pouring of concrete over obstacles or to great heights or depths.  We operate booms ranging in size from 12m to 50m, so footprints large or small, open or confined can be pumped with ease.

What High Rise Pumps are used?
The type of Pump will be dependent upon on the size and floor plan of the job.  High Pressure Line Pumps may be used on the street until basement levels are complete and then, once off street access has been attained, High Pressure electric or diesel generated Piston Pumps can be used.   One of our newer pumps to the fleet is capable of pumping concrete 100 floors and makes an unbelievable 3190PSI! A two truck Agitator feed is preferred and has the potential of pumping 80 cubic metres per hour of concrete.

What pipeline system is used?
Pipeline connecting the High Pressure Line Pump to the Separate Placing Boom must be able to withstand the pressure generated by the Pump.  Expected pressures nearest the Pump can be up to 3200PSI.  As pressures are greatest near the Pump, new or near new Pipeline is always used.   Generally the pipeline comes in 3 metre lengths and is fixed vertically inside stairwells or similar through small penetrations in the deck. They are clamped together, safety clipped, electronically tagged and barcoded and Ultrasonic thickness tests are performed each month to ensure the thickness does not fall below a safe level, as concrete acts like sandpaper wearing down the wall thickness of the pipeline.

What wash out procedures are used?
Meales has implemented an environmentally friendly water washout system that ensures all concrete wash water is recycled. Concrete sediment is filtered from the water with the use of a QUAD interceptor system and the water is used again. The Water contains High PH levels and cannot enter any sewer system.
See a Youtube Video on Water Washout.

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Meales Pumping are underway with one of many new projects to kick off mid 2012. A DVMK50 will be used pumping through 250m of pipeline.. 
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DVMK50 Largest Placing Boom in world


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