LNG Projects

The Meales Group has focussed over many years on developing comprehensive concrete pumping services and specialist knowledge and skills to meet the needs of large scale and operationally complex projects.  The current wave of LNG projects is a particular area of the Mining, Energy & Resource Sector where we have been able to truly demonstrate our capability and expertise.   Please see below for individual LNG project overviews.

Gladstone Liquefied Gas - GLNG

The Santos GLNG Project is a joint venture between Santos and Petronas for the conversion of coal seam gas into liquefied natural gas via an LNG processing facility on Curtis Island, Gladstone QLD, for eventual export to global markets. 

Meales was awarded the mobile concrete pumping package for the construction of the LNG storage tanks and associated ground works and infrastructure on Curtis Island.  Working under principal contractor, Bechtel Australia, Meales poured approximately 140,000m3 of concrete to complete two tanks using a combination of mobile boom pumps and placing booms/stationery pumps.  Requiring a full time commitment of equipment and operators for a period of approximately 2 years, Meales’ component of the project was completed successfully and on time.



Contractor:     Bechtel Australia

Queensland Curtis Liquified Natuaral Gas - QCLNG

Queensland Curtis LNG, situated on Curtis Island, Gladstone QLD, is one of Australia’s largest capital infrastructure projects under construction.

QGC, a British Gas Company, awarded Bechtel Australia the EPC contract for the downstream component of this project.  Activities started on site mid-2011 and construction was completed within the timeframe and budget set by QGC.

Meales Concrete Pumping was the sole provider of concrete pumping services for the two train components of the project.  Approx. 130,000m3 of concrete was poured over a two-year period with two 47m and one 40m boom pumps situated on site for the duration.  Additional equipment was also supplied from our Gladstone depot to meet peak demands during the project.

Contractor:     Bechtel Australia

Duration:         2011 – 2014

Australasia Pacific Liquefied Natural Gas - APLNG

Australia Pacific Liquefied Natural Gas (APLNG) was the third LNG facility to be constructed on Curtis Island, Gladstone QLD.  

Engaged by principal contractor, Bechtel Australia, Meales Concrete Pumping performed the concrete pumping package for all concrete works on the project.  Using two 47m and one 38m boom pumps on site, we pumped approximately 140,000m3 of concrete over a period of 24 months.  The project required a full time commitment of specified equipment and operators and our Gladstone depot provided additional equipment to the project at times of peak demand. 



Contractor:     Bechtel Australia


Curtis Island Liquefied Natural Gas Projects - Marine Assocaiated Facilities, GLNG & QCLNG

John Holland, having been awarded the subcontracts for all marine associated facilities for both the GLNG and QCLNG projects, engaged Meales to perform the concrete pumping packages for these two projects.

Being marine facilities, the presence of sea water added to the complexity of these projects.  Our ability to assess situations and find workable solutions meant that we were able to address the various challenges and we successfully completed the pouring of concrete for the following facilities:

  • Material off loading facilities;
  • Roll-on roll-off facilities;
  • Permanent personnel and barge loading facilities;
  • Wharf and jetty structures.

Contractor:     John Holland


Gorgon LNG Tanks

Gorgon LNG is a liquefied natural gas (LNG) project in WA involving the development of the Greater Gorgon gas fields and a LNG processing plant on Barrow Island, which lies some 140 km west of Karratha, off the Pilbara Coast.

With a four-year construction timeframe, some 3,500 construction workers on-site and a budget of $43bn, Gorgon was one of the largest construction projects in Australia at the time.

Engaged by CBI Constructors, Meales provided concrete pumping services for two large LNG tanks measuring 90m in diameter and standing to a height of over 45m.  Three 58m boom pumps were used to construct the walls and a 36m placing boom mounted on the roof completed the structures.   Requiring a full time commitment of operators for a period of approximately 3 years, Meales’ component of the project was completed successfully and on time in 2013.

GORGON LNG TANKS Western Australia
Contractor:     CBI Constructors

Duration:         2011–2014

Papua New Guinea Liquefied Natural Gas - PNG LNG

The PNG LNG Project, operated by Exxon Mobil PNG Limited, will produce liquefied natural gas from resources in PNG for export to customers around the World.  Its LNG processing facility, which is located north-west of Pt Moresby, began construction in 2010.

With various contractors being awarded different packages on site, Meales PNG was engaged by the majority of these contractors to pour the concrete.  A key factor in our engagement was our ability to provide reliable and well maintained equipment and a skilled workforce that was properly trained in operational procedures, safe work practices and quality control. 

Contractor:     PNG LNG

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