Company Profile

The Meales Group is a specialist independent concrete pumping contractor with a proud history of 40+ years of continuous trading under the ‘Meales’ brand.

Our operation provides concrete pumping services and support to all types of construction projects including LNG, Mining, Energy & Infrastructure, Civil, Commercial and Residential.

We are undisputed market and industry leaders and offer the largest fleet of mobile boom pumps, placing booms and stationary/line pumps in Australia.

With extensive representation throughout Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia, New South Wales and Victoria, we have the capability to provide concrete pumping services to projects on a nation-wide scale.  Our presence in PNG and The Philippines enables us to service major projects throughout the wider Asia-Pacific region.

We are a leader in formulating efficient operational procedures, safe work practices and quality control procedures for our pump operators, line hands and equipment.  Major contractors have recognised the Meales Group’s capacity and capability to service a large and complex projects and we are regularly engaged on major construction/high-rise/ infrastructure and remote area/resource sector projects throughout Australia.

Our strong focus over many years on developing comprehensive concrete pumping services and specialist technical and operational knowledge and skills gives us great confidence in our ability to provide efficient and professional concrete pumping services in a wide range of applications to projects of all scale and type.

We welcome the opportunity to review the concrete pumping needs of your projects and to provide further information about the range of services we have available to you.

To gain a greater appreciation of the full extent of our experience and capability, please visit other areas of our website – in particular our ‘Projects’ and ‘Equipment’ pages.


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